George Nelson
George Nelson was an American architect and industrial designer. Served as the artistic director of HERMAN MILLER INC. for 20 years, he has created many masterpieces for the company. He firmly believes that design is the important element of commerceand products must be honest. Nelson also thinks that there is always a market for good designs. The firm design philosophy unfolded in his works. Nelson and the Eames couple are representatives of USA modern design. The most innovative Nelson furniture design may be his researchs on modular storage furniture series and modular office furniture. These two systems have influenced the world. Chairs and sofas designed by Nelson are also very creative, such as "coconut chair" designed in 1955, as the name shows, its design derived from part of the coconut shell, this chair may seem very lightweight. However, because "coconut shell" is made from metal material, its weight does not light. Another famous Nelson's furniture design is the "sunflower sofa"(1956). The sofa body is broken down into an effect of small circles. Its bold use of colors and clear collective form indicate the Pop Art's coming. Nelson's affection towards modulus is also extended to his sofa design, whose simple shape and free combination of design dominated the furniture market for many years. Household chairs and bar chairs designed by Nelson in 1960s have aroused widespread concern.