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Brazo is an award winning high performance LED task light offering effortless adjustability, calibrated light focus, and brightness control within a precision machined aluminium body. Simple and intuitive, it is the first LED task light to provide variable beam spread and focused directional light making Brazo ideal for use near a computer monitor - the light source can be directed at the work surface without producing light spill on the monitor surface. With its slender and multi-adjustable arm, Brazo focuses light in a linear fashion across the work surface. It also features 360° arm rotation, 90° head adjustability and a 7" telescoping height adjustment range with tangle free wireless rotation. Brazo's performance capabilities combined with its bright, energy efficient LED platform are compatible with any demanding work environment providing years of energy savings and maintenance free service. Brazo is 97% recyclable. Brazo is one of six fixtures from San Francisco-based lighting design company Pablo, selected by Design House Stockholm for distribution on the European market.
Designer:Pablo Pardo
Venezuelan born industrial designer Pablo Pardo has established his studio in San Francisco, and in 1993 he founded his self-titled company Pablo, specialized in contemporary lighting design. A 1986 graduate from the University of Cincinnati's renowned industrial design program, his diverse career includes designing children's roller skates for Fisher Price to creating automobile concepts for Daimler Chrysler.The studio has gained international recognition for its innovative lighting and home furnishings designs which are characterized by their unique sense of style and simplicity.Born into a family of designers, musicians and engineers, Pablo Pardo has combined the best attributes of each to form a more holistic approach to the creative process. As the company has matured, its interests in establishing enduring relationships with other creative individuals has blossomed, recognizing the value of inclusiveness rather than exclusivity in order to best serve the design community.
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