Remix Bed Cover
RMB: 2980.0
Order cycle: 若订购款式,库存状况显示有现货,即可一周内出货;若库存显示无现货,需向国外原厂调货,到货时间约12-16周左右运抵深圳。
Our Remix Bed Cover is a graphic eye catcher that will make your bed look stylish and modern in an instant. It is made of 100% cotton. The front is a patchwork of triangles in different shades of grey, black and white and the back side is all black.
Brand:Ferm living
Designer:ferm LIVING
Denmark brand ferm LIVING was founded by Trine Andersen in 2005. It initially was a graphic design company, and later gradually began to sell their own products. All products have strong Nordic flavor with simple lines and colors, which bring comfort and warmth. Product categories include cushions, children's series such as toys and dolls, other household items etc... When the brand founder Trine Anderson was confused about life and didn't know about the future, she was inspired by a bird soaring in the sky, so she decided to start a business and accepted cases from the graphic design company. And while she was moving to a new home but she couldn't find favorite wallpaper for arrangement, it occurred to her that she could produce their own wallpaper pattern. Thus,the wallpapers which were full of imagination and visual effect began to be popular, the market spread widely in Europe, America, Asia, and the bird also became the company's Logo heading towards the future. "Ferm" in Danish means "Clever", is used to describe the handmade products of high quality as well. Named ferm-Living, they make each commodity with this production concept and standards. The unique and abundant designs of Trine, the whole series of fresh and authentic Nordic style wall stickers and wallpapers with the addition of household goods with rich kids exclusive series, are absolutely the best choice for you to create a new home style!
Product Number:306FER0014
Material:100% 棉质套 & 涤丝纺填充物
Measurement of package(m³):
Warranty:Referring to the original warranty
Color  图色
Quantity   Stock:2 有现货
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